11-06-2015 - What should a window display say?

A window display is like an identity card of the brand. It should prove something, it should stop you on your promenade. Window displays trend nowadays isn’t to show everything once but to make you curious for more, to make you step inside the store. It should intrigue you and it should be eye-catching each time you pass by. They should have a story, a concept and a visual impact expressed clearly using a few number of elements with a strong link in between. The display enriches the urban experience and also gives a new vibe to the street each season. The beauty in the design display is precisely this, the ever-changing refreshments and the challenge of expressing one brand idea in millions of ways.

SOURCE of photo : www.pinterest.com

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02-04-2013 - Tribute to a Great LADY – Andree PUTMAN

Tribute to a Great LADY – Andree PUTMAN


The French stylist Andree PUTMAN passed away on Saturday, January the 19th 2013 in her Paris home at the age of 87.

She was a world renowned architect and interior designer, famous for her timeless, elegant and clean style.

Numerous decors for hotels, restaurants and chic stores carry her signature, including a variety of furniture and everyday objects.

The designer enjoyed mixing materials and different styles, especially Art Deco.

Two elements were essential in her vision: light and space.



Her colour pallete contained black, white, beige, grey and sometimes Klein blue – elegant and stark.

The Americans were always very passionate about her, for them she was the very chic French style.

She also redecorated the CONCORDE airplan for Air France.

The former French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, paid tribute to the departure of a great lady, that held a great utopia – making the art pervade every social class. « She was harmony itself and she knew to how surround herself with it. »

The spaces she designed were luminous, stark, refined, sprinkled with shades of beige and grey.

Andree Putman brought back the curved lines in furniture design. She drew her inspiration from the 1930s.




The taste for BEAUTY was not acquired by chance. Andree Christine Aynard was born December 23rd 1925 in a French bourgeois family, descended of famous “de Montgolfiere” family, the invetors of the hot air balloon. Andree spends her childhood between Paris where she studies the piano (about 8 hours a day joined by her sister) and the family holyday residence, that is non-other than the Cistercian Monastery in Fontenay, Burgundy where her fine taste is forged and strengthened.



She fought to make the BEAUTIFUL and useful available for everyone and to impose her style even if she had to suffer from this.

She pretended to hate the good taste, but she became the very definition of it. Timeless furniture and everyday objects designed by her are today on diplay in various museums.

In the photo below: Andree Putman with her daughter Olivia Putman.