30-09-2015 - AUTUMN DESIGN

Greyscale sky tones , dotted umbrellas, gummy boots and puddles. Autumn is here. Cooler weather calls for warmer interiors. Orange pumpkins, ochre leaves, faded browns and burgundy coats on the outside and same tones inside, only on softer textures like wool, boucle surfaces, knitted plaids, tartans and old book textured wallpapers. Faded angle lights and highback armchairs will give you all the confort you need. Feel free to ignite the fireplace, have a  sit on a warm sofa and turn the page of the latest published autor of this autumn while in the back kitchen the apple – cinnamon pie is ready to be taken out of the oven. Let all flowers waste their freshness in some plummy purple translucid vases and just take your time and let autumn be the softest transition season there is.

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14-08-2015 - SUMMER LIVING

When summer is nearly gone but you’d still wish for it to begin again, when the return tickets have brought you back home and there are still some hot days left to live in the city, just prepare yourself an endless summer corner. Add a couple of coasy elements like pillows and lights and add friends to it. You will have once more a nearby summer to dream for.

source : www.pinterest.com

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